Word of Mouth: Pichet Ong's New York

Get tips on the best dining and nightlife in New York from renowned pastry chef, Pichet Ong.
Pichet Ong
Courtesy of Arthur Bovino

Pichet Ong

Brunch: Vinegar Hill House

Fancy: Annisa

Best Value: The Vanderbilt

Bar Scene/Drinks: Dutch Kills

Business Lunch: ABC Tavern

Burger: Minetta Tavern

Pizza: Franny's

Sandwich: Num Pang

Food Truck: Dessert Truck

Regional: Pure Thai Shophouse

Hidden Gem: Roberta's

Mexican/Latin American: Yerba Buena Perry

Japanese: 1 or 8 for sushi and Hasaki for general

Spanish/Tapas: Txikito

Thai/Southeast Asian: Café Asean

Wine List: Bar Henry

Chinese: Dim Sum Go Go

Seafood: Pearl Oyster Bar

Steak: Porterhouse

Italian: Al di Là

Barbecue: Fette Sau

Desserts: Daniel

Indian: Devi or Tabla

Vegetarian: Pure Food and Wine

Wild Card: Dirt Candy