Word Of Mouth: Justin Sullivan's Best Of San Francisco

The Hamblogger is a California-based burger site consisting of a small group of opinionated photojournalists that are based throughout the U.S. who share a common passion for taking pictures and eating burgers:

"If it's made of ground beef, comes on some form of bread and isn't from a chain like McDonald's or Burger King, we're gonna eat it. Our jobs take us all over the world and we have challenged ourselves to find tasty burgers at each stop. We want to experience burgers at cool places in our hometowns and in your neighborhood, sampling as many as we can without turning into the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man."

Co-founder, Justin Sullivan's San Francisco picks:

Fancy: Gary Danko

Best Value: Saigon Sandwiches

Bar Scene/Drinks: Bourbon and Branch

Burger: Spruce or Don Pistos

Pizza: Golden Boy

Sandwich: Ike's Place

Food Truck: El Tonyanese

Mexican/Latin American: Nopalito

Japanese: Sushi Ran (Sausalito)

Steak: Harris' Restaurant

Italian: A16 or Flower and Water

Barbecue: BarBersQ (Napa)

Desserts: Citizen Cake

Vegetarian: Greens