Word of Mouth: Elaine and Scott Harris' Las Vegas

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Get tips on the best dining and nightlife in Las Vegas from Elaine and Scott Harris of VinoLasVegas
Elaine and Scott Harris
Courtesy of Elaine and Scott Harris

Elaine and Scott Harris

Brunch:  FIRST Food and Bar

Fancy:  Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand

Best Value:  Rosemary's Restaurant Happy Hour

Bar Scene/Drinks: Herbs & Rye

Business Lunch: RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay

Burger: Bachi Burger

Pizza: Metro Pizza

Sandwich: Whole Foods

Food Truck: Still looking

Indian: Origin India

Hidden Gem: Nittaya's Secret Kitchen

Mexican/Latin American: Canonita at The Venetian

Japanese: Sen of Japan

Spanish/Tapas: Julian Serrano at ARIA

Thai/Southeast Asian: Lotus of Siam

Wine List: Delmonico's at The Venetian

Chinese: Pho #8

Seafood: RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay

Steak: Delmonico's at The Venetian

Italian: Valentino at The Venetian

Barbecue: Memphis BBQ

Desserts: AUREOLE at Mandalay Bay

Indian:  Origin India

Vegetarian:  Whole Foods

Wild Card: Rosemary's Restaurant