Wonder Bread Makes Its Comeback

Just like Twinkies, another former Hostess favorite will live on

Wonder bread will be returning to shelves, thanks to new owners Flowers Foods Inc.

Wonder bread will return to supermarket shelves Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal. New owners Flowers Foods Inc. is re-launching the classic favorite after purchasing it from Hostess, which went bankrupt last year.

Expect to see Wonder’s Classic White, Whole Grain White, and 100% Whole Wheat breads, as well as rolls  and hamburger and hot dog buns.

Flowers Foods will also be rolling out other former Hostess breads Butternut, Home Pride, and Merita.

Kevin Alredge, Vice President of Marketing at Flowers Foods, said that they will be using the same recipes and packaging that Hostess once used.

As of now, Flowers Foods does not have national distribution, so these brands may not be available to everyone just yet. However, Alredge says that they are working on expanding.


And in honor of Wonder’s return, five cents will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and research centers for every Classic White and Whole Grain White loaf sold.