Stale Cinnamon Roll Leads to Burger King Gun Threat

A woman is wanted for threatening to shoot up a Burger King over a pastry

A woman threatened to shoot everyone in a Burger King because her Cinnabon was not fresh enough.

A warm, gooey cinnamon bun is one of life’s little pleasures, but it apparently meant a lot to one woman, who threatened an entire restaurant with a gun because hers was not fresh enough.

According to Consumerist, three women went into a Burger King restaurant in South Carolina and ordered some food, including a Cinnabon cinnamon bun. Not long after, one of the women got into a loud altercation with employees over the freshness of her cinnamon bun. She said it was stale; the employees disagreed.

The women left, and everyone thought they had simply decided a Cinnabon was not worth shouting over. Those people were wrong. One woman came running back a few minutes later with a purse and said she’d gotten her gun and was going to shoot everyone. 

“I’m going to shoot down the place!” witnesses say the woman shouted.

At that point the store employees called the police, and all the women ran away.

“It was all kind of dumb because it was over a cinnamon bun,” one witness said. “It’s like, it’s Burger King, it’s a fast food place, it’s a cinnamon bun.”

Even the unit’s owner expressed surprise that anyone would threaten gun violence over a cinnamon bun.

“I know it’s a good product, but I’m not sure it’s that good,” he said.

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Police say they are still looking for the suspects, and will likely press charges if they manage to find them.