Woman Pays Entire Restaurant’s Tab

Woman pays for everyone’s meal at a Denny’s in Sacramento, Calif.

A woman in Sacramento, Calif., spends nearly $350 buying lunch for strangers.

A random act of kindness has left diners at a Sacramento, Calif., Denny’s stunned, and with a little extra dough in their pockets.

An anonymous woman approached management at a Denny’s in Northern California earlier this week and asked to pay for the entire restaurant’s meals, reported CBS Sacramento.

The unidentified woman stopped for lunch with her two daughters and decided to pick up the tab for the roughly 60 guests at the restaurant. In total the woman spent about $300 plus an additional $40 tip, but adamantly requested to remain anonymous, reported CBS Sacramento.

"There was people, their meals were like 10 to 12 bucks," said Denny’s manager Seto Avakian during an interview with CBS Sacramento. "That one table there was 50 some dollars."

Seto asked the woman if she had won the lottery but didn’t receive a response. The woman paid the bill and left before anyone was informed of their free meals, according to CBS Sacramento.

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