Woman Accidentally Eats Whole Bag Of Ant-Covered Potato Chips

A high school girl having lunch the other week was enjoying her black pepper-crusted potato chips, but she was horrified to discover the pepper was really ants, and she'd already eaten most of the bag.

According to Cosmo, a high school student named Emily Wagoner went to a Pita Pit restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon, last week, and she says she got a bag of Miss Vickie's Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips with her meal. She munched away happily, thinking her chips had been generously seasoned with black pepper. But then she says she looked closer and realized the black pepper was actually dead ants. She tweeted a photo of the chips right away.  

"Never go to pita pit ever OMFG literal dead ants all over my chips and I thoguht it was seasoning so I ate them," she tweeted, alongside a photo of the offending chips.

From Wagoner's photo, it's easy to see how one would think the ants were bits of pepper, but at close glance they're clearly black ants.

Wagoner said that when she alerted the staff, she was asked if she wanted a new bag of chips, and she says the staff did not apologize. Later, the chain told her it was looking into the details with the chip vendor to make sure it didn't happen again, and they offered her a $50 gift card as an apology. Wagoner was not pleased with the $50, considering she did not get a refund for the $14 she spent on the allegedly ant-festooned meal, and she was still angry about not having received an apology at the restaurant when she first showed the staff what had happened.