Woman Slaughters Duck in Metro Station

When a woman was told she could not take a live duck on the train, she just killed it
Swimming duck


When a woman was told she could not bring her live duck onto the subway, she just killed it right on the floor of the station.

A woman purchased a live duck, intending to take it home and kill and eat it later, but when officials told her she was not allowed to bring a live duck on the subway, she rectified the situation by slaughtering the duck right there on the floor of the metro station. Subway employees were not amused.

According to Shanghaiist, a 20-something woman from Chengdu, China, was attempting to board the train with a live duck tucked in her bright pink handbag. Security noticed the suspicious, quacking package and pulled her aside. When informed that it was not legal to bring live animals on the subway, the woman was reportedly very angry. But she wasn’t going to let the duck go to waste, so if she wasn’t allowed to travel with a live duck, she’d just travel with a dead one.

The woman reportedly borrowed a knife from some other passenger, and she slit the duck’s throat right on the floor of the subway station. She put some newspapers down, but blood still sprayed everywhere .

Station officials were reportedly very put-out by the whole scene and said the station employees should have tried to stop her before she turned the metro station into a hasty abattoir.

"Butchering a duck in a public area is definitely inappropriate,” an official remarked.

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