Woman Finds Mysterious Tooth in Lunch

An office worker bit into what looked like a big human tooth

A woman had a nasty surprise when she discovered a tooth in her mouth that was not hers.

One does not normally expect there to be any teeth in one’s food other than one’s own, and one office worker got an unpleasant surprise recently when she took a bite of her lunch and found a large, apparently human tooth in her mouth.

According to Shanghaiist, the office worker was minding her own business and enjoying lunch at her office in Guangzhou, China, when she bit into something hard hidden in her food. She was horrified to spit it out and discover it was what looked like a human molar, about a centimeter long. She wasn’t the only person disturbed by the discovery; one of her coworkers reportedly threw up upon seeing the surprise tooth.

“It could not be a human tooth?” the bewildered office worker exclaimed.

But a dentist who later examined the tooth said it was not a human tooth after all. He said it probably came from a pig, which is marginally less horrifying than if it had come from a person.

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The restaurant that supplied the meal reportedly said the tooth must have fallen in by accident while someone was chopping pork. They offered the office worker a refund on her lunch.