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Aspiring Internet Star Accidentally Poisons Self for Video

A woman planned to live-stream herself eating aloe vera, but bought the wrong kind of plant

A young woman trying to make a viral video for the Internet wound up hospitalized after she bought the wrong kind of plant and wound up live-streaming footage of herself eating poison.


According to Shanghaiist, the 26-year-old videographer was planning an informational video about the health benefits of eating aloe vera leaves. She bought two huge, waxy leaves that she thought were from an aloe vera plant, and she set up her camera to live-stream herself eating them for her Internet followers. Unfortunately, she bought the wrong kind of leaves.


The young woman thought she had aloe vera leaves, but she really had agave Americana, or American aloe, which is very toxic. It’s only sold for decoration, because its sap causes severe skin irritation and stomach problems if a person eats it.


“This is great! Yum!” she said after the first bite, in her online video called “Aloe Vera Feast.” Then things got weird. After the second bite she started to look concerned and commented that tasted extremely bitter.


At that point she abandoned her livestream viewers and immediately went to the hospital, because her mouth had gone numb and her throat was burning.


She wound up at the hospital with severe rashes and blisters, and doctors had to pump her stomach. She’s expected to make a full recovery, and she’s become a lot more famous than she would have been if her video had gone off as planned.


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