This Woman Eats Cat Food

See the latest character from TLC's 'My Strange Addiction'

TLC’s My Strange Addiction has featured some oddball and addictive eating habits in its past seasons. Things like eating plastic, rocks, cigarette butts, toilet paper, glass, and even the ashes of a late husband have all graced the screen.

Mary from Michigan is no different. Kicking off season three of the compulsive behavior documentary series (starting Feb. 12 on TLC), Mary likes to eat — you guessed it — cat food. She shares food with her cat, even using the phrase, "One for you, one for momma."

Mary doesn't prefer wet over dry or vice versa, and she continues to consume about 900 treats a day, despite lables blatantly stating that the food is "not for human consumption." She reportedly told producers that "wet food tastes like chicken soup." Oh, Mary.

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