Is This Woman Drinking Beer With Her Ear?

We're not sure whether this is real or fake, but it looks terrifying and we beg you never to try this.

A video posted by the Czech Beer Festival shows a young lady purportedly drinking beer with a straw through her ear, downing an entire pint as we watch her grimace and the beer level decrease.

Of course, some people are pointing out potential fake-outs, as the beer cup mysteriously disappears in some shots, and there seems to be a hose sticking out of another person's pockets.

In theory, some experts say it could happen, since the eustachian tubes connect ears to the throat, the Daily Mail reports. But even then, an expert notes that the tubes are narrow and probably not able to hold an entire pint of liquid. Not to mention if you did do this, you would need to have a hole in your ear drum, or no ear drum, and it could result in a loss of hearing.

So our consensus? Probably fake, potentially real, but very dangerous. Let's not try this at home; you'll waste beer and hurt yourself, which is never a good thing.