Woman Dies at Croatian McDonald’s

Differing reports circulate in death of woman at Croatian McDonald’s restaurant

Croatian McDonald's comes under fire for allegedly serving customers after one customer dies in line at the restaurant.

While standing in line to place at an order at a McDonald’s restaurant in Sibenik, Croatia, a woman collapsed and died during her recent visit. The incident is garnering international attention because the staff at the fast-food franchise reportedly continued to serve customers both in the restaurant and at the drive-thru for 90 minutes after the woman died, according to the Croatian newspaper 24sata.

The woman’s husband called an ambulance that arrived quickly, but emergency responders were unable to revive her. Workers reportedly continued working as the woman’s body covered by sheets lie feet away from customers. For nearly an hour-and-a-half, the woman’s body remained at the restaurant until officials from the coroner’s office arrived, reported 24sata.

Customers grabbing their food at the drive-thru were oblivious to what had happened inside. The unidentified Bosnian woman who lived in Denmark had been visiting the area according to the Daily Mail.

"Employees continued to work as if nothing had happened," wrote 24sata.

But McDonald’s restaurant management is taking a stand. In an interview with the Daily Mail, McDonald’s officials said that workers only served food at the drive-thru after the woman died. The inside portion of the restaurant remained closed until after the woman’s body was removed.

McDonald’s management attributed the claim that staff kept the restaurant opened and served guests inside to "overzealous reporting by the Croatian media," according to the Huffington Post.

One customer disagreed with the accounts of McDonald’s officials stating, "No one closed the restaurant, which would normally have been done at any other place, especially a fast food restaurant," according to British tabloid, The Sun.

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