Woman Dances in Butter for Performance Art

We have so many questions after watching the (painful-looking) video

Melati Suryodarmo takes a tumble in some butter - ouch.

Here are some things we'd want to ask the artist, Melati Suryodarmo, after watching a six-minute YouTube clip of her performance, Exergie- Butter dance from 2010:

• Did you get weird looks buying 20 sticks of butter at the store? Were those industrial-sized sticks of butter?


• Why ruin a good pair of shoes — heels, no less — and dress? Why not dress practically when you know you'll be rolling in, well, something sticky and messy?


• How many bruises did you have from falling?


• Did you immediately hit the showers afterward?


• How long did it take you to clean up?


• Would you consider doing another food dance? Syrup? Jelly? Ketchup? Any other condiments?


Watch the video below and share your questions for Suryodarmo.