Lady Chugs Whole Bottle Of Cognac To Save It From Airport Security

A woman who splurged on an expensive bottle of Cognac at Duty Free was not about to let it go to waste, but she probably did not get a chance to savor it because she wound up chugging the whole thing at airport security.

According to The South China Morning Post, a woman bought a 700 ml bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac at a Duty Free store in a U.S. airport before boarding a flight to Beijing. While transferring planes at Beijng airport to continue to her home in Wenzhou, however, she was stopped by airport security and told it was not legal to take more than 100 ml of liquid in her hand luggage. Rather than allow the Cognac to be confiscated, the woman decided to chug all 700 ml by herself.

Somehow she managed to drink all the Cognac, but the results were predictable. The woman became extraordinarily drunk, and airport security said she could not be allowed on a plane. Witnesses say the woman was flinging herself to the ground and screaming.

"She was so drunk... she couldn't even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest," a security guard said.

The woman was allowed to finish her journey after she woke up several hours later, presumably regretting the decision to not just hand over the bottle.