Woman Awarded $13k After Slipping on Orange

A woman won a large settlement after slipping and falling on an orange


A woman fell on an orange left on the ground in a grocery store and injured herself so badly she was just awarded nearly $13,000 in damages.

Banana peels are traditionally thought of as the slipperiest of fruit peels, but a German woman recently took such a terrible spill on an errant orange peel left on the ground in a grocery store's produce department that she’s just been awarded nearly $13,0000 in damages.

According to The Local, a 71-year-old woman was walking through the produce section of a local grocery store when she slipped and fell. When she looked down, she saw mashed orange pulp on the ground and on her foot.

The woman reportedly actually sustained serious injuries as a result of her fall. She says she hit her head on a counter while falling and suffered a concussion, and she also fractured her pelvis and tore a tendon in her wrist. Those injuries were enough that this week a judge agreed with the woman that the grocery store had been irresponsible in not cleaning up the produce aisle enough, and the woman was awarded 12,000 euros, or about $12,990, for her pain and suffering.

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