Woman Arrested For Stealing Policeman's French Fries

French fries are a delicious treat that a person does not necessarily want to share with strangers, but this week a police officer got very protective of his plate of fries and actually arrested a woman for theft for eating some fries off his plate.

According to WKYC, last week a Washington D.C. police officer was eating some tasty fries at a diner on Wednesday night when a woman came up and ate one of his French fries. She reportedly sat down at the table with the officer and took a fry as she tried to start a conversation. The police officer reportedly told her to stop eating his fries, and that he had paid for them and thus her eating them without his consent counted as theft and he could arrest her for it. She ate another one, so he arrested her.

The woman has been charged with second-degree theft for stealing three French fries from the police officer's plate.