Mother Arrested For Putting Margarita In Toddler's Sippy Cup

A Massachusetts woman was arrested in Salem this week for allegedly allowing her two-year-old daughter drink her margarita, and even pouring some into the toddler's sippy cup.

According to the Associated Press, 41-year-old Sheldy Nelson was arrested when staff members at a restaurant in Salem said they saw her giving sips of her non-virgin margarita to her toddler daughter at the restaurant. Staff members told police that they twice told her to stop giving the margarita to her daughter, but Nelson allegedly did not listen and even reportedly poured the margarita into the girl's sippy cup. At that point, the restaurant's staff called police and Nelson and her daughter were taken to the hospital. Both reportedly seemed lethargic at the time, and Nelson was reportedly slurring her words when police attempted to question her.

The hospital allegedly confirmed the presence of alcohol in the toddler's system, but Nelson pleaded not guilty to child endangerment in court on Thursday. The girl has reportedly been in state custody since the incident.