Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery seeks funding, offers Cellar Society Memberships

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Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery seeks funding, offers Cellar Society Memberships

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Oregon’s most anticipated new brewery of 2015Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery has launched a Crowd Brewed funding campaign and with it more details about their beers and operation.

The upcoming Newberg, Oregon based brewery founded by beer writer Christian de Benedetti with help from consulting brewer Jordan Keeper, formerly of Jester King Brewer will focus on sour and barrel-aged farmhouse and fruit beers. First they need to pay for building improvements and brewery equipment like mills, keg washers and a walk-in cooler.

Wolves & People is hoping to raise a substantial sum of $60,o00 but with only a day in since launching they have already raised $11,500 and it’s one of the most anticipated new breweries so they should get there. Benefits of pledging funds to Wolves & People start with $20 for a sticker and some recognition but the real investment bonus comes at $350 pledged.

With your $350 you can become one of the Inaugural Cellar Society Memberships limited to only 75 people (and as of this writing only 43 are left.) A Cellar Society Membership nets you:

Six pairs (12 total) of new 750ml beers shipped* or picked up on site (when the brewery reaches six varieties). A pair of quality stemmed brewery glasses. A unique membership card with 15% discount in the taproom (or on purchases online if later made available). You’ll have the right of first refusal to renew each year (at $315 versus $350 for later adoptees). Due to the extreme scarcity of the beers, there will only be 75 cellar society members for the first six months. (Limit 75)

The Crowed Brewed campaign also reveals these beers in the planning stages:

Coup de Foudre:  Meaning “lightning bolt,” or “love at first sight”, a wild golden ale fermented in foudres in the barn and seductively dry-hopped.

Sebastian: Dry-hopped saison made with estate yeast “Sebastian”, harvested from our oldest plum tree and aged in pinot barrels for at least 4 months. Later versions will transform with farm fruit additions.

Lupercal: Meaning “she-wolf”, this is a refreshing, complex, spruce-tip infused wild ale with fresh lemon peel, subject to a mixed fermentation with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and our house wild yeast, Sebastian.

Brutaal: Brutaal, meaning “bold” or “audacious” in Dutch is our homage to De Ranke’s XX Bitter, which is itself a tribute to the original character of Orval, the Belgian pale ale that first captured our founder’s imagination and inspired his love for Brettanomyces beers.

Corylus: Imperial hazelnut stout with Magnum, Columbus, and Mosaic hops aged on estate hazelnuts in a mix of bourbon, port, and sherry barrels; approx 11-12%abv.

Landbouw: Meaning “farming” or “agriculture”, this is a dry-hopped, harvest beer based on grisette with a sociably low ABV of around 2.8% ABV.

Go here to give them your money! https://crowdbrewed.com/rewards/wolves

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