Winner, Winner, Gluten-Free Dinner!

Congratulations to Lexi Van de Walle, the winner of our cookbook giveaway contest! She's won a copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook by Elana Amsterdam. Her recipe was tasty, resourceful and perfect for the upcoming holidays!

And congratulations to our runner up, Elizabeth Minchilli, for her Zucchini Ricotta Soup recipe

Thank you to everyone for your recipe submissions; we really appreciate it. It was such a pleasure to read through your stories and the wonderful (and delicious) creations that you came up with. Keep it up!

Stayed for some of our future giveaway contests. We can't say when, but we'll be giving away a copy of the Flour Bakery and Café cookbook and some Petrossian caviar. Keep checking the website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear the announcements. 


Have a great Thanksgiving! 

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