Wines by the Ounce at Benoit

Try a special wine without breaking the bank at Alain Ducasse's bistro

So, you’ve been craving a glass of 1983 Chateau Petrus, but you are short the $1,200 or so it takes to buy a bottle? There’s a solution. You can take your fine-wine taste and your worker-bee budget and buy a taste of wine by the ounce at Benoit in New York City.

The famed Alain Ducasse bistro, who’s French original celebrates 100 years in business this year, has its award-winning sommelier André Compeyre digging through the wine cellar, pulling out some gems and allowing enthused customers to taste wines they may never otherwise have been able to.

Eager drinkers can get on Compeyre’s mailing list to see which rare wine will be opened when or can just show up and be surprised. A state-of-the-art dispenser helps keep the wine fresh once it is opened.

Prices depend on what is being served, but are usually in the $29 to $48 range per precious sip. The list changes as each bottle is emptied.

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