Wines For Every Person On Your Gift List

We love our families and are blessed that everyone can get together for the holidays. But take our family, please, take them, to paraphrase the classic Henny Youngman bit. After too long, accommodating all the different personalities starts to get a bit taxing. In an effort to keep everyone happy, we've picked out some wine gifts they're sure to love.

The Top Chef: They can be male or female, but they rock the kitchen like they're a cheftestant on a reality TV cooking show. If you're dining at this person's house, rest assured they'll be cooking an elaborate meal with exotic ingredients, handmade pasta, and a printed menu. And everybody better notice they used tweezers for plating the dessert course.
Wine pick: QUICKFIRE Pinot Noir 2010 (California) $22

The Hipster: If they deign to take part in such an unoriginal custom as a Christmas dinner, they'll have a few concerns. That goose/leg of lamb/crown roast: How was it raised? Are those non-GMO sweet potatoes that were organically or biodynamically grown? You really purchased those mass-produced napkin rings at a store instead of buying ones made of repurposed wine bottles by an up-and-coming artist on Etsy? Okaaay. You'll want to give them a wine from a field blend of obscure grapes like green Hungarian and trousseau mixed with riesling and gewurztraminer — it's got indie cred that's beyond question.
Wine Pick: ARNOT ROBERTS "Compagni Portis Vineyard" Old Vine White 2010 (Sonoma, Calif.) $32

The Diva: She never saw a shade of pink she didn't like. Before any dinner engagement, she always has to shop for a new outfit, get her nails done, and have her hair blown-out. So she might be a little late — hope that's alright. When she does show up, don't be surprised to see a Pekinese, kitten, or some kind of cute little critter peeping out of this year's it-bag.
Wine Pick: HELLO KITTY Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine non-vintage (Oltrepò Pavese, Italy) $39.

The One-Upper: Anything you've done; they did last year... and in a more fabulous way. Yes, their car is shinier and more powerful and their house is bigger than yours. And even though first-class air travel is nothing like it used to be, they still managed to have an enjoyable time at Amanyara. Just look, they've got the slideshow on their iPhone 5 — why yes, this is a titanium case. They need a bottle that's brand new, delicious, and exclusively available through the winery.
Wine Pick: INTRADA Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Oakville, Calif.) $50.

The Bigmouth: Whether it's spilling family secrets, describing their latest surgery in detail, or liberally sharing opinions on other relatives' choices in mates, childrens' names, decorating talents, or cooking skills, this person never knows when to be quiet. You can only hope this wine does the trick and leaves them without words, for a few minutes at least.
Wine Pick: ADEGAS CASTRO BREY "Sin Palabras" Albariño 2010 (Rias Baixas, Spain) $24

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