Winery CEO Hopes to Make Strides in Canned Wine Movement

Canned wine would take the snobbishness out of wine, says Infinite Monkey Theorem winery

Infinite Monkey Theorem Winemaker and CEO Ben Parsons stands behind the canned wine idea.

Now that everyone's come around to canned craft beer, the idea of canned alcohols doesn’t seem like it will be taken out to the recycling bin any time soon.

Infinite Monkey Theorem (IMT), an urban winery in Denver, has joined many other breweries, wineries, and organizations that are starting to offer products served in cans instead of bottles, according to Jaunted. Since its start in 2008, the wine team, including CEO and Winemaker Ben Parsons, has hoped to change the world’s perception of wine as something for everyone, not just connoisseurs or the elite. “So many winemakers think they’re so prestigious, yet most of them have no clue about what they’re doing,” Parsons says. “I figure the least pretentious thing we can do is put wine in a can.” Though some winemakers may find it ridiculous, others find that it will be the future of the wine industry. This follows the June announcement of canned wine offerings on Spirit Airlines flights. Even Australian and French winemakers are starting to warm up to the idea of canning their prestigious wines.


IMT rolled out 1,800 bottles during its first year in 2008. Today, it’s producing 14,000 a year. The canned wine, which first released in June of 2011, has been marketed for portability, an alternative to bagged or boxed wine.