Wine of the Week: Wine Of The Week

Wine of the Week: Wine Of The Week

bottle shotToday is Australia Day, a 24-hour period in which anyone and everyone can justifiably celebrate all things Aussie. Want to eat a kangaroo burger? No problem. Want to watch a Crocodile Dundee over and over? Go nuts.

Instead, however, we suggest you visit the local wine shop and pick up a bottle of Australian Chardonnay. Yes, Australian wine. And yes, Chardonnay. According to the experts, Australian winemakers are producing the best Chardonnay they ever have. The new gold standard is a refreshingly balanced wine that's light on the oak, big on the fruit flavors and packing a powerful rush of acidity that makes you want to take sip after sip.

To find a great example, we turned to Philip Rich, founder of the Prince Wine Store in Melbourne. He's an esteemed wine judge and writer, and gave us a handsome list of some top-notch selections--among them the Penfolds Bin 311 Tumbarumba Chardonnay 2009.

The wine has a beautiful pear and citrus aroma. And when you taste the wine, your entire mouth is touched by a zesty, minerally, crisp collection of  bright fruit flavors. But there's overall purity, balance and even restraint, all of which makes this wine incredibly pleasant to drink. Rich says you can expect the wine to age well over the next five years. 

We found the wine online for $22. Moreover, we never need an excuse like Australia Day to drink it, and neither does anyone else in Australia: The wine is completely sold out there, Rich says. But there's still some in the U.S., and it's our Wine of the Week. Find it here.

What Aussie wine would you drink any day of the week? Share your pick below.