The Wine Tutorial for Real Men

Like your wines earthy, elegant, and ephermal? Take tips from the Paso Wine Man

The wine enthusiast himself.

It's no secret that wines can get a little girly (hence why there's a Cupcake wine on the market). But that doesn't mean a manly man can't enjoy a glass of wine. For the dudes who want to read up on their wine knowledge, take tips from the Paso Wine Man. 

Think of this wine connosseir (formerly known as the Zin Man, Eater notes) as the "World's Most Interesting Man" of wine. He's dodging computer-generated bombs, getting girls, jumping into limos, and waving the American flag proudly. His explanations of wine varietals aren't what you'd find on the label, but they're ones we want to memorize for future use. Chardonnay? "Blonde; when done wrong, it's all spray tans, bleached teeth, and big hair. But when done right, it's California beauty." Rosé? "Real men aren't afraid of tinting a gorgeous juice." Pinot noir? "Earthy, elegant, ephemeral — just like me." We're dying. 

Check out the video from Paso Robles Wines — we think it's something both men and women can enjoy.