Wine Snake Bites Captor After 3 Months In The Bottle

Bottles of wine filled with preserved snakes, scorpions, and other creepy critters tend to freak out squeamish tourists in China, and it turns out that fear is somewhat well-founded, as a woman just reported being bitten by a wine snake.

Snake wine is considered a powerful medicine according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the woman had been told drinking it every day would cure her rheumatism.

Three months ago she bought a live snake and stuffed it in a bottle, which she filled up with wine and capped. After drinking it every day for three months, she decided to top off the alcohol, which was getting low. But when she opened the bottle, the wine-soaked snake — somehow still alive and presumably extremely hung over — leapt out and bit her on the hand.

According to Shanghaiist, the woman was treated for a snakebite and will be fine. And this is actually not the first time a person has been attacked by a preserved wine snake. In 2009 another man was attacked by his own home-brewed snake wine, and in 2001 a man actually died after being attacked by a poisonous snake that had supposedly been preserved in a bottle of alcohol.