Wine Pairings for Mahimahi

Which wines to pair with the season's best fish

Modern life affords us access to many seasonal foods year-round, but the truth is there remain peak times for certain items, particularly if you’re going to go about harvesting them yourself. Take mahimahi for example. We’re in the peak fishing season for mahi right now, particularly in the Caribbean and off the coast of Florida, and the timing couldn’t be better. With winter in our rearview mirror, adding a lighter meal to one’s days just seems natural, and mahi is simply a superb fish for the season.

Meaty, easy to prepare and pair with wine, while remaining relatively forgiving to the typical pitfalls of preparing fish (i.e. overcooking), mahimahi is one appealing fish. Perfect for the lighter fare of warmer months, it’s supremely adept at supporting spring's bright flavors that take advantage of the coming bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I was perusing some recipes recently and came across a few that I can’t wait to try, all drawing influence from the coastal regions — home to some of the most productive mahimahi fisheries. So sit back and start thinking about dinner, and the lovely meals you’ll be preparing as temps warm up.

Click ahead to find Mahi Mahi recipes and wine pairings.

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— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth