'Wine Country' Rap, The Music Video: Napa Valley Is Hardcore

Los Angeles rappers may take on some grimier subjects in their tunes, but up north, these Bay Area rappers are taking on a refined subject: wine. Three rappers take Sonoma and Napa by storm with their NSFW, hardcore rap. 

The gangstas behind the video, Vallejo rapper Moe Green, Bayonics lead singer Jairo "Rojah" Vargas, and Russian Hill Projects' Cameron Washington, get down with some girls who are also clearly connoisseurs of wine. The tagline: "For connoisseurs of fine wine with a gangsta sensibility, this jam is for you." The San Francisco Chronicle breaks down some favorite lyrics, including: "Girlfriend's a spaz? Drink some shiraz!" and "Got a bee sting? Where's the riesling?" 

So go ahead and get your swirl on — we may have found the soundtrack to your next "classy" dinner party.