Wine and Chocolate in 1 Bottle

The easiest way to seduce someone this Valentine’s Day? A bottle of chocolate wine

Need some chocolate for your wine? How about a chocolate wine?

Chocolate wines have been gaining steam recently: With plenty of wine lovers looking for ways to pair their wine with their chocolate, some vintners have taken the middle step out and created a chocolate and wine fusion. While most chocolate wines are based on either a port or red wine foundation with a rich chocolate addition blended into the final mix, some chocolate wines start with white wine grapes and are given a decent dose of cream and chocolate flavoring. Which is tastier? It's totally a matter of personal palate preference, but we’ve reviewed a couple to get you started.

Below are four chocolate wines to look for this Valentine's Day (and if you're really bold, chocolate liqueurs to experiment with for your cocktails). 

Dark Dutch chocolate and red wine combine to create a heavenly fortified dessert wine. While this is certainly a sweet wine, it is not overly so. Reminiscent of a chocolate martini, the ChocoVine chocolate wine has the body weight of a liqueur, the balance of a dessert wine with higher levels of residual sugar, and the finish of a dark chocolate bar. It's certainly worth a shot if your Valentine digs dark chocolate and red wine solo or in tandem.

Cocoa di Vine

This is the white wine and cream version of the chocolate wine dream. With a delicious balance of sweet, milk chocolate, and fluffy cream, the Cocoa di Vine takes your favorite childhood milkshake and turns it up a notch. Loads of satisfying milk chocolate, rich textures, and a well-balanced white wine foundation make for delicious dessert sipping. 

Rosenblum Cellar’s Désirée Chocolate Dessert Wine

From California’s Rosenblum Cellars, this fruit-forward red wine is fortified with brandy and crafted in a tawny port style, bringing plenty of body and nice concentration. This delicious dessert wine offers a well-blended, rich chocolate essence that marries well with the ripe fruit character of the dominate zinfandel grape. It's perfect as dessert itself or in combination with a variety of chocolate-themed dessert options. 



The ChocolatRouge lineup of wines comes in three varieties: "Sweet Red," a very sweet red wine blend with hints of milk chocolate; "Dark Red," a full-bodied red wine blend with hints of dark chocolate; and "Milk Chocolate," a wine that’s very reminiscent of, well, milk chocolate. While the Milk Chocolate is the most reminiscent of chocolate milk (Don’t get it mixed up with your kids’ chocolate milk!), the other wines resemble dessert wines rather than a kiddie beverage. They’re all very thick, robust wines (with almost overpowering aromas of grapes and chocolate) that make having more than one glass a challenge, but you probably don’t need more than one if you drink it as a dessert.