Wine Adventure In Bordeaux: A Beginner's Guide

Bordeaux, described by many visitors and locals as a "petite Paris", is everything you'd think France would be: beautiful, historic, and drenched in fantastic wine. With wine tourism hitting all time peaks, now is the time to slip in under the wire and go on a Bordeaux wine adventure of a lifetime!

When visiting Bordeaux, it's easy to take most areas of the city. Try out the Hotel de la Presse in Bordeaux city center for a nice central location in the middle of tons of shopping and restaurants. If you're not already a trained sommelier, you'll want to take a wine class at L'Ecole Du Vin, taught in both French and English every day except Sundays and bank holidays. You'll learn exactly which grapes are grown locally, the history of the region (which is amazing!) and will learn about the scents you will experience when tasting wines. The class is thorough and will help you fully appreciate the complex blends offered in the region.

Since you'll want to absorb at least the basics of the extensive local history, make sure you take a guided tour around the city, whether by bike, foot, Tramway, or double decker tour bus. The city is over 2000 years old and you can visit pre-Roman remains, medieval gatehouses, cobbled streets, and houses from the time of Marie Antoinette.

You'll feel famished after walking around the extremely pedestrian and bike friendly city, so stopping at The Dubern Restaurant for some deliciously fresh fish, vegetables, and local Abatilles sparkling water is a must. For dinner, you should try the well loved Le Petite Commerce near the church of Saint Pierre. The restaurant is reportedly the best seafood in Bordeaux and is housed in a lovely old building that opens to the street. It's constantly packed, so make a reservation.

So come on, dreamers! Make those dreams a reality and get yourselves to Bordeaux for a city centered wine adventure and some amazing food!