Williamsburg Street Fare With An L.A. Flare

As the dog days of summer are upon us, it's nice to know that the long anticipated opening of the McCarren Park pool is just days away. But that's not the only thing to look forward to in the coming days as Urban Rustic is opening a food cart across from McCarren Park this weekend.

Urban Rustic adds a Los Angeles twist to usual street fare with unique burger and hot dog specialties.

"I don't want to be another guy selling soft drinks and Gatorade," said Luis Illades, owner of Urban Rustic. "I already work with a lot of local farmers so I want to offer quality foods."

Burgers and hot dogs with a Los Angeles-inspired flare dominate the menu, incorporating bacon and sauces to kick things up a notch. Food at the cart located on North 12th Street between Driggs and Union Avenues will differ from what's offered down the street at the brick-and-mortar location also located on North 12th Street.

Urban Rustic uses milk from small-dairies, cage-free and all organic meats, and organic farm fresh eggs for their all-local dishes. Some house cured meats and homemade breads and desserts are also featured at the restaurant and soon at the McCarren Park food cart.

"I've done food carts in a few places and the opening of the pool and the Greenmarket on the weekends made it a good fit," said Illades.

The Urban Rustic cart is slated to be open Saturday mornings during the Greenmarket in the park and from noon to 8 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday.

Depending on the weather, a tentative schedule calls for the cart to offer street meats to Williamsburg patrons through the end of October.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal.  Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn