Will San Francisco Ban Alcohol for the Super Bowl?

Mayor Ed Lee may ask restaurants and bars to limit booze sales during the game, for fear of rioting

To the outcries of 49ers fans everywhere, some outlets are now reporting that the mayor of San Francisco may ask the city's bars and restaurants to limit alcohol for Super Bowl spectators.

Before you cry into your jersey, the San Francisco Chronicle says there's no guarantee this will happen. But boozed-up fans really may be something for residents to worry about. The Chronicle reports Mayor Ed Lee may stay in San Francisco to oversee the city's response to the Super Bowl — and to make sure rioting, like what happened after the Giants' World Series win, doesn't get out of hand. "[Lee is] just suggesting that all business owners serve responsibly, and most businesses do," said spokesperson for Lee, Christine Falvey, to the Chronicle. And the Golden Gate Restaurant Association (which includes SF's bars) noted that bars and restaurants with liquor licenses are required to cut off "visibly intoxicated" customers.


Surprisingly, businesses seem to be on board with Lee's potential plan to limit alcohol to avoid more riots, despite the financial sacrifices. The last alcohol ban in San Francisco was Halloween 2007, after riots tore through San Francisco the previous Halloween. Thirty-four restaurants and bars closed in the Castro District, willingly. Will a ban prevent you 49ers fans from boozing it up at your sports bar?