Will In-N-Out Head to Denver?

City officials are pushing the California-based chain to set up shop in Denver

Earlier this week, Denver city councilman Albus Brooks posted on his Facebook and Twitter, "Had a great conversation with folks tied to In-N-Out execs. How hungry are y'all to have them come to Denver?"

Since then, news reports have been atwitter about In-N-Out's possible expansion; as of now, the chain's non-California outposts are only located in Arizona, Atlanta, Texas, and Utah.

Such frenzy over the burger chain has happened more than once before (notably the New York rumor that turned out to be a joke), but since the reports come straight from a person in power, perhaps this one could be true? It also helps that one of Brooks' family members "has close ties to the CFO of In-N-Out," Brooks told The Denver Post.

Of course, all this hype may lead to nothing. As the news anchor points out in this video, "He makes one casual comment on Facebook and the whole city loses it's collective dang mind over the idea that In-N-Out burger might come to Denver."

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