Will Eataly Expand to DC? (Updated)

The Washington Post doesn't think so
Will Eataly Expand to DC? (Updated)
Jessica Chou

Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali brought up Eataly's expansion earlier this summer, but the megastore hasn't found a location, making an early 2012 opening doubtful.

Eataly reportedly has yet to sign a lease, causing concerns in the community. "As I understand it, they’re not coming," said one broker in an interview with the Washington Post.

Part of the problem is the size. New York's Eataly is about 40,000 square feet, and Batali says he doesn't plan to downsize in the capital.

"I don’t want to do it smaller. Smaller? That’s like a little outpost. It’s like a remainder store," Batali said.

Update: It looks like the expansion isn't happening for a while.

"We are not seeking out new locations," Eataly partner Nicola Farinetti told us. "For us, the space is fundamental. If we fall in love with a space, we will be quick to open. So, it's possible, but not definite."

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