Wild Boar Dig Up Graveyard in Search of Food

A German town is freaking out since the local pigs have started snacking at the graveyard
Wild boar


Wild boar in Cologne, Germany, have been creeping everybody out by digging through a cemetery in search of food. 

Animals need to eat too, and while it was bad enough when wild boar were eating up wine grapes in Italy, some wild boar on the hunt for dinner have caused a panic in Germany since they’ve started digging up a local graveyard in search of food.

According to The Local Germany, wild boar in Cologne, Germany, have been digging up an entire cemetery in a search for snacks. It’s not quite as grisly as it sounds. The boar are not digging very deep, and they’re mainly searching for worms, which they find very tasty. Still, they’ve been rooting around and digging up nearly every single grave in the cemetery, and the sight has been seriously disturbing local residents and the cemetery caretakers.

Cemetery caretakers tried surrounding the place with incense to drive off the wild pigs, and they reinforced the fences. At one point they even formed a human chain around the graveyard and chased the pigs away by shouting into a megaphone and banging pots and pans.

There has been an increase in the number of boar in the area lately, but they’ve been running out of protein sources in the woods, so they’ve been digging for worms in the graveyard.  

"They've been plaguing us for weeks. They haven't spared a single plot," one cemetery worker said.

In related news, wild boar are edible and can be extremely tasty. Perhaps the residents of Cologne might want to check out some of our best wild boar recipes, if they happen to wind up with a surplus of meat in the near future.

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