Why Wasps Make Your Wine Better

Yes, wasps are usually disgusting, dangerous, and frankly terrifying to most people. However, we have one invention to thank the little creatures for: wine. That's right, without wasps, you'd be without that delicious glass of wine. 

Sounds weird? It is, but researchers from Yale have figured out how the bug assists in the winemaking process, NPR reports. Turns out, wasps carry the yeast that's responsible for the fermentation of wine and beer (and bread). IO9 shares that the yeast can actually live in the gut of the wasp while they hibernate for the winter. They then bite into the grapes used for wine, leaving traces of that yeast behind on the grapes. Said Duccio Cavalieri, one of the authors of the study, to NPR, your wine would not taste the same without that yeast left behind. 

It's also noted that ancient Romans would often plant gardens next to their vineyardss to lure wasps and other wine-loving insects. So before you get out the fly swatter, thank the little creature for your glass of wine.