Why Some Foods Freak Us Out And More

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Examining Natto, Maggot Cheese: Some foods freak us out (like fried grasshoppers), but this writer explains why while we may not enjoy fermented soybeans, others think cheese is disgusting. "We learn which foods are disgusting and which are not through cultural inheritance, which is very much tied to geography," she writes. [WSJ]

How Celebrities Make Money Off Weight Gain: New York Magazine's celebrity economy-themed issue this week finds that a celebrity weight loss story can make up to $100,000. A celebrity diet book can get an advance of up to $500,000 and a diet-endorsement can pay up to $33,000 a pound. [NYMag]

From Food Network to YouTube: Bruce Seidel, an executive for Food Network, is jumping ship to head a YouTube food channel. [NYTimes]

Moscato's Recent Trend: The sweet dessert wine is being called a gateway to wine drinking, given its fairly affordable price and sweet taste, which appeals "especially to the under-40 crowd, who grew up imbibing sugary drinks." [NPR]

Modern Sushi Standards Falling: Traditional Japanese nigiri and sashimi dishes are becoming less popular than specialty rolls, making quality sushi hard to come by. [WSJ]

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