Why One Australian Town is Against McDonald’s

The small town of Tecoma is on a mission to keep the Golden Arches Out


When McDonald’s decides to open up a new outpost, it’s rare that the entire town comes out against it. But in one small town in Australia, that’s exactly the case.

According to CNN, the fast food giant has been on a mission to open in the picturesque village east of Melbourne called Tecoma, in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. The locals are afraid that the chain’s encroachment will spoil some of the town’s natural beauty, but the concerns don’t stop there.

The fear of litter from a 24-hour restaurant is an issue that protestors have brought up, as well as excess traffic, vandalism, proximity to a primary school and a national park, and an overall concern that the arrival of multinational chains will transform the unique town of 2,000 into just another cookie-cutter suburb.

The fight to keep the chain out of their town has been in and out of courts for about two years now, and the battle doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon. Protests are being held regularly, and the struggle has gone online via a website and a Facebook page that’s garnered over 6,000 likes.


If the town prevails against the corporation, it could set a precedent for future battles, and once again prove the value of a well-organized social media campaign.