Why Kids Love Sugar, Potatoes Expelled From School, And A Look At London's French Laundry

Cities Implement Plastic Bag Taxes and Bans: Will reusable grocery bags become the norm? [The Atlantic]

Kids' Sweet Teeth Are Biological: Researchers discover that kids naturally prefer sweeter and saltier foods. They suspect this phenomenon has something to do with bone growth, as secreted hormones may call for high-energy foods necessary for growth. Still, don't overdo the Frosted Flakes. [NPR]

Potatoes Cut From School Lunches: New USDA guidelines removes potatoes from school breakfasts and limits them to two servings a week for lunch. That means no tater tots and fries, but really, who would miss those soggy messes? [AP]

Anderson Cooper On Plain Food: Cooper argues with Jerry Seinfeld about the merits of honey and waffles. "Why do you need honey on peanut butter?" the Silver Fox asks. Um, because it's amazing? [HuffPo]

Two Photos of London's French Laundry: Thomas Keller tweeted two shots of the pop-up restaurant. [Twitter/Thomas Keller]