Why Hen Diets Matter for Egg Nutrition

In this case, you have to consider the chicken before the egg

Don’t neglect the hen!

When hens are fed a nutritious diet, their eggs’ health is correspondingly improved.

At Eggland’s Best, hens are fed a high-quality, wholesome, and vegetarian diet. This feed contains soybean meal, nutritious grains, canola oil, flax seed, and a Biotene® supplement that includes alfalfa meal, sea kelp, marigold, and vitamin E.

The combination of the ingredients in Eggland’s Best’s premium hen feed fills EB eggs with higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids than ordinary eggs. As a result of the fortified hen feed, Eggland’s Best eggs contain four times the vitamin D, more than double the omega-3, 10 times the vitamin E, and 25 percent less saturated fat than ordinary eggs. They are also an excellent source of vitamin B12 and a good source of vitamins B2 and B5, which are all critical for growth and development in the human body.

Eggland’s Best hens are never fed ingredients like animal fat or recycled and processed foods.