Why Do People Eat Food at Starbucks?

Seriously, there are plenty of other options

So many great options! Or not.

We can understand why someone would want to buy a latte or Frappuccino at Starbucks, but why the food? The sandwiches are pre-packaged, nothing is prepared to order, and the new La Boulange pastries have been less-than-impressive.

The sandwiches are small and not exactly healthy

… Remind me never to eat a grilled cheese again.

And Fontiago isn’t a real type of cheese.

Just go with Fontina.

There’s a petition to get rid of the new La Boulange pastries.

“What's French for cardboard?”

Seriously, what is this thing?

It’s a “Piadini,” another made up word that looks nothing like the Italian flatbread piadina

And what exactly is a “Chonga” bagel?

Just call it an everything and be done with it. And by the way, no bagel should ever be that fluffy.

And in the end, the food selection is pretty lacking.


There’s a reason why food at Starbucks is essentially on the checkout line: so you purchase it as an impulse buy. It’s for the most part uninteresting and the opposite of ethnically diverse, and now all the pastries need to be microwaved before they can even be served. So instead of caving in and buying an unsatisfying sandwich or scone, just plan ahead and bring your own.