Why Brunch Is The Best Meal Ever


Brunch presents an opportunity for delectable meats and treats, both sweet and savory, that creates the ideal combination of nourishment.  Combining the most important meal of the day (breakfast), which many opt to skip on a daily basis, and a meal known for mid-day business meetings and childhood socialization (lunch) is a life-changing idea.

I recently traveled to Washington D.C. and brunched at a local Georgetown restaurant, Fishers Farmers Bakers. Check out Spoon Georgetown for more D.C. fishers, farmers and bakers. Let’s just say, my diet and wallet took a hit, but it was well worth it. My perspective on brunch was enlivened and encouraged me to establish a new tradition in my college years.

From cinnamon rolls and biscuits to omelettes, kale salad and tacos, I have to say the options offered at brunches are as varied as they are satisfying to the carb cravings or sugar needs of any foodie. Brunching along with my brother, we strategized our meals before embarking into the buffet line. First, start with breakfast-y foods, then turn to the non-traditional plates. You can choose from saltier vegetables and cheese spreads or fruit and yogurt combinations. But, you can never, ever end on a salty note, so why not top off your food baby with a cupcake, or home-made key-lime pie? We sure did.

What came next? Food coma! The sudden need to sleep. So, although I don’t expect you to travel to the nation’s capitol for this incredible brunch, I do expect you to try Brunching this weekend.  For starters, try SnackBar in Austin, or if you’re feeling adventurous and inspired by your inner Martha Stewart, create your own Brunch spread. Keep it simple with eggs, bacon, and a rainbow fruit salad, or spice it up with green smoothies, finger sandwiches, and fancy eggs. I challenge you to make brunch a tradition, an event, and an opportunity to experience food along with great company. When we partake in tradition, through repetition, the most sentimental memories are formed. Now, why not let food be an essential player in these memories?


Plus, brunch is a great way to start morning drinking. Bottomless mojitos, mimosas and bloody marys, anyone?

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