Why Aren't McDonald's Mighty Wings Selling?

Mighty Wings might not be so mighty after all.

Some McDonald's franchisees are finding that these limited-time wings are not selling well, according to Burger Business.

A survey of operators conducted by a restaurant analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott found that most customers agreed that the wings were too expensive at $1 per wing. Compared to a cheeseburger or McChicken from the Dollar Menu, it's clear why the wings won't fly with customers.

However, survey franchisees seem to have no problem with the taste of the Mighty Wings, which are bone-in chicken wings with spicy breading.

The wings also come with a choice of nine sauces, ranging from chipotle barbeque to spicy buffalo and creamy ranch. There were mixed responses to these sauces. Some say it is necessary to have them and others think it is dumb.

Operators concluded from the survey that limited-time menu introductions are just not working for McDonald's, especially with such a massive menu. Maybe if they reintroduce the wings with lower prices,they'll sell better. In the meantime, it seems more cost effective to stick with Chicken McNuggets or Spicy McChicken sandwiches for your fried chicken fix.