# Whole Foods

Label read uncured beef pepperoni when the product actually featured pork
Whole Foods experts have unveiled their predictions for the biggest consumer trends in 2016 including wine in a can
The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has slapped Whole Foods with a serious fine for overcharging city shoppers
Whole Foods, Safeway, and H-E-B have opted not to allow customers to open-carry in their stores
PETA has submitted an opposition to Whole Foods’ motion to dismiss the lawsuit that claims their meat is not raised humanely
Whole Foods is hoping to lure back customers amid declining sales with more special offers and discounted food
The 41,000-square-foot location of the chain boasts prepared foods from Roy Choi and a 220-seat restaurant and bar
Who knew that Whole Foods would have items like these in stock?
Whole Foods Market has issued recalls of curry chicken salad and blue cheese this month for listeria contamination
Whole Foods’ private label is hugely popular, but there are some things you may not know about it