Whole Foods Product Review: 365 Everyday Value Greek Yogurt

Thinking Greek? How about a fat-free, low sodium Greek yogurt
Jane Bruce

The Greeks were onto something when they invented a process that strains the whey out of yogurt, creating a creamy, smooth, and delectable low-fat yogurt. Whole Foods recently tried its hand at making a version of the trendy snack, and released a line of 365 Everyday Value Greek Yogurts. The product is completely fat-free and absolutely delicious.

Whole Foods paired their Greek yogurt with a variety of mix-ins such as honey, strawberries, and pomegranate-blueberry. For the traditionalist, there is also a plain option.

The texture of this yogurt is slightly lighter than traditional Greek yogurt, as in less dense (due to it being completely fat-free), which is complemented by the mix-ins. While the smoother texture and airy consistency are ideal for a quick breakfast or a light midday snack, it’s not the best Greek yogurt to use when making tzatziki sauce or as substitute for sour cream.

What makes this yogurt even better is that you can pick up cup of it for less than $2. Now, how is that for a quick, cheap breakfast on-the-go?