White Castle Testing Out 'Kitchen Of The Future'

White Castle is testing out what they call a "kitchen of the future" with stainless steel and very few walls in an effort to engage customers at the Elizabethtown, Kentucky location, according to the Huffington Post.

The move is an attempt to get back to the way White Castle use to do things, when they allowed diners to see the burgers being cooked in an attempt to dash preconceived notions of uncleanliness and unhealthiness. The change is also an attempt to entice and entertain customers while they wait, a general manager of White Castle, Joseph Carrizales, told the site. They're aiming to do what sushi and hibachi restaurants are able to do for customers, which is show them exactly how their food is being assembled, and also add some fun.

They would be the first chain to do this on a large scale if they decide to roll it out nationally, but with that comes logistical issues, like how to remove all of the smoke and grease efficiently. The testing will remain at just the one location before any plans to go national are implemented, according to a statement by regional director Shawna Jones.