White Castle Super Fan Celebrates 102nd Birthday With Slider

Where do you plan on celebrating your 102nd birthday? One might plan a celebration someplace really posh for such a milestone, but one New York woman recently declared she could only celebrate at her favorite restaurant: White Castle.

According to Gothamist, Madeline Turpan has been eating meals at White Castle at least once a month for more than 80 years. She just turned 102 years old, and says that eating well is important to living a long life. Turpan used to be a dietician, but somehow her definition of "eating well" still includes hundreds of White Castle sliders over the years. Well, she just turned 102, so whatever she's doing is clearly working for her.

Turpan says a goal of hers is to learn the White Castle recipe.

"One of these days I'll ask them how they make that hamburger, but I'll never match it," she said. "I could never match it."

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Turpan's nephew, Eugene Nifenecker, said his aunt has been to plenty of "real fine restaurants" in her life, but she remains a White Castle super fan.

"The best birthday I've ever had," said Turpan of her White Castle celebration.