Whiskey Brand Offers $10,000 for Stolen Whiskey

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After a shipment was carjacked last week, the owners are offering a $10,000 reward
Stolen Whiskey Reward | $10,000 Reward
Chicken Cock Whiskey

If you’re ever around South Carolina and stumble across a huge storage of Chicken Cock Whiskey (yep, that’s a brand), you may just be able to get a $10,000 reward.

Last weekend, a 10,000-bottle shipment of Chicken Cock Whiskey was stolen at a Petro gas station in Florence, S.C. Owner Matti Anttila estimates that the retail value of the whiskey is some $200,000, which can rake in $1.4 million if sold through restaurants and bars.

The theft, while saddening, is ironic, as the whiskey brand did gain recognition as a bootleg bourbon during Prohibition. But, said Anttila, "While I appreciate the irony in this situation, we really would like our whiskey back." We know the feeling, having had a couple bottles of Scotch swiped from our desks.

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Naturally, Anttila is offering $10,000 in exchange for the return of the 884 cases of whiskey, requesting that anyone with information contact the Florence County sherriff's department. We’re not offering any money for our one or two bottles, but we’d like them back as well.