Whiskey Bar: Home Of Electronic Dance Music


Portland's Whiskey Bar is a love it or hate it type of venue. If you are looking for a place to dance the night away to electronic dance music in a crowd full of people, then I would one hundred percent say to spend your evening here. Looking for to spend a relaxing evening, sipping martinis and chatting with your friends? I would skip the Whiskey Bar.

The music scene is probably the main draw to this location. Local and world famous electronic dance music DJs are known to play at Whiskey Bar. The impressive sound system and the coat check allow guests to leave their inhibitions behind as they rock out on the dance floor.

Don't expect five star bathrooms when you take a break from the sweaty dance floor. The doors on the bathroom stalls don't lock and the toilet paper and paper towels tend to be missing when you need them.

Overall, I would try out Whiskey Bar the next time you go out in Portland. If you enjoy it or not, it will definitely be an experience!