Whisk Pops Up in The North End

Whisk pops up for two months at 351 Hanover in the North End
Rachel Cossar

Whisk 351 Hanover

The North End has always been the place to go to enjoy an Italian vibe in Boston.  Red sauce and canolies abound.  However, as of last week, and for the rest of the month of August and September, you can head over to 351 Hanover to experience something very different.

For the coming months, this space will be home to one of Boston’s most elusive pop-ups, Whisk.  Led by Philip Kruta and Jeremy Kean, Whisk has been a monthly pop up, showcasing local and sustainable New England cuisine in random spaces around the Boston area.  The idea to pop up more permanently came a few months ago as they were looking for their next concept. 

When asked about the project, Kean told us that "At 351 we got an opportunity and jumped on it. To put food like this in the north end is fun as well as being open full time really lets us do more with the food. To be honest we miss having a space big enough to teach but like all our spaces this is temporary.’

A lot of what Whisk does involves teaching cooking and skills to disadvantaged people looking to get back into the workforce in a meaningful way.  With their commitment to 351 Hanover, they take a step back from this, but all the while help get their name and mission out to all kinds of different people.

351 Hanover used to be the favorite sandwich shop – volle nolle.  Under Whisk, it becomes a perfectly intimate space, with wine bottles lining the walls and the daily menu featured on a chalk board.  Menus come in 3, 5 and 7 course options, with a few a la carte options and wine pairings as well. 

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Throughout the meal, the sense of being lifted beyond the norm in the North End, or anything else in Boston for that matter, is high.  Ever dish is delicious and beautiful.  Whisk operates by reservation only, and will be getting very busy, make yours NOW!